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Dark souls-sarja: Bonfire

 Ensimmäisen meikin teemaksi valikoitui siis Bonfire-eräs pelin keskeisimpiä osia.

Bonfire = Bonfires are the checkpoints of Dark Souls, but they also serve other useful purposes. When the player encounters a new Bonfire, it must be rested at to serve as the new spawnpoint if the player should die. Players are also safe from the surroundings while resting at the Bonfire, with a few notable exceptions.

Toteutuksessa käytin Shiro Cosmeticsin Goron Rubya, Fyrinnaen Book of the Deadia ja Nijiroa. Varjostuksena on Urban Decayn Blackout. Ripsivärinä Yves Rocherin Ultra Volume.

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In english- 
I created this look with Goron Ruby by Shiro Cosmetics, Fyrinnaes Book of the dead and Nijiro,and Urban Decays Blackout.